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Hafnium Nitride(HfN)

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Hafnium Nitride(HfN)

Hafnium Nitride(HfN)
Hafnium Nitride(HfN)
Appearance:yellow or khaki powder
Specifications:99% to 99.9% (calculated by subtraction, excluding gas elements)
Particle size:D50: 0.5-1.0um, 1.0-3.0um, 1.0-3.0um (80% concentration), 10-50um (80% concentration, spherical or nearly spherical, plasma spraying), 50-100um (80% concentration, spherical or near spherical, plasma spray)
Features:XRD detects pure phase, low oxygen content, customizable particle size, concentrated distribution, good fluidity, and large specific surface area
Related:Tantalum carbide (TaC), Tantalum hafnium carbide (4TaHf5C)


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