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Manganese Nitride (MnN)

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Manganese Nitride (MnN)

Manganese Nitride (MnN)
Manganese Nitride (MnN)

Manganese Nitride is widely used as a doping agent for various metals. It is used in the fabrication of special alloy steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steels and other products. Especially in transmission oil and gas of large diameter steel tube and shipbuilding and cars with high strength steel etc, Manganese Nitride shows good market prospect. Nitrogen increases the strength and plasticity of steels, expands austenite field, improves grain refinement and eases processing. It is often substituted for nickel to reduce production cost. Our Manganese Nitride display uniform nitrogen concentration and excellent stability.

Manganese Nitride specification
GradeChemical composition (%)Particle size
MN11≥85≥11≤0.05≤0.5≤0.04≤0.04≤2, or adjustable
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