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How to make titanium carbide step by step

May 20,2024

Titanium carbide is a material that includes immense gained popularity in recent years. It is known for its exceptional durability, and toughness. The Hunan Canxi is going to incorporate you with a step-by-step guide on how to make titanium carbide and explore their many advantages.

Advantages of Titanium Carbide:

Titanium carbide has several advantages that produce it an excellent material for industrial usage. It had been extremely hard and can withstand high temperatures in making it well-suited for usage in machinery as well as cutting tools. Furthermore, it offers a low coefficient, that makes it ideal for use in coatings and lubricants. Lastly, the Hunan Canxi Titanium Carbide(TiC) is resistant to corrosion, which causes it to be ideal for use in marine environments.

Multiple Carbide Powder (W,Ti)C, (Ta,Nb)C, (W,Ti,Ta)C.png

Innovation in Titanium Carbide Production:

The manufacturing of titanium carbide is actually considerably effective and accessible with advances in technology. Innovations in material science have actually enabled the production of high-quality titanium carbide with little to no impurities. The use of vacuum furnaces and electron beam guns has caused it to be possible to make titanium carbide in large quantities with high purity.


Safety is important when working with any material, and titanium carbide is no exception. It is crucial to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, eye goggles when handling the material. Furthermore, proper ventilation and also extraction systems should be in place when making or working with titanium carbide.

Use of Titanium Carbide:

Titanium carbide has several uses, ranging from industrial to medical applications. It is really normally used in machinery and cutting tools in the aerospace industry. Additionally, the Hunan Canxi Titanium Carbide is really used in the production of wear-resistant coatings, bearings, as well as gears. In the medical field, the titanium is used in joint replacements as well as dental implants.

How to Use Titanium Carbide?

Titanium carbide can be used in a few forms including powders, coatings, and sintered parts. When using of the Hunan Canxi Titanium carbonitride(TiNC) as a coating, it is commonly used using a plasma spray or a chemical vapor deposition method. To make use of titanium carbide in sintered form, it is mixed with a binding material and then heated to a high temperature. The material that is resulting be molded and cut into a specific shape.

Service and Quality:

When purchasing of titanium carbide, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier that offers excellent service and quality products. A trustworthy supplier ensure that the material meets the needed specifications and standards. Furthermore, they can easily use technical support as well as advice in the proper usage and handling of titanium carbide.

Titanium Carbonitride (TiNC).png

Application of Titanium Carbide:

Titanium carbide has a wide assortment, making it a versatile and valuable material. It is truly used in the aerospace industry, medical field, machining, and tool making. In selection, it is used in the production of cutting tools, engine parts, as well as coatings for industrial machinery. The quality that are high durability of titanium carbide ensure it is a favored material when it comes to challenging applications.

Titanium carbide is a robust and durable material has a wide range of applications across several industries. It is important to consider safety when working with titanium carbide, and choosing a reliable supplier is crucial to ensuring the quality of the material. The production of titanium carbide has been a little more accessible as well as efficient, making it a material that is go-to challenging applications with advances in technology.

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